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About Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary astrology is the basis of the practice of Unversality Astrology. Having studied under both Jeffrey Wolf Green and Steven Forrest the modern developers of evolutionary as well as researched such older astrological practioners such Dane Rudhyar, Martin Schulman and others Vernon has come to the understanding that evolutionary astrology is well grounded in the astrological world and is a driver the psychological aspects of astrology as well. Below are the principals of Evolutionary Astrology as developed by Jeffrey Wolf Green and Steven Forrest.

“The Principles of Evolutionary Astrology as Developed by Jeffery Wolf Green And Steven Forrest”

Evolutionary Astrology embraces paradigms and methodologies which specifically measure the growth of the soul from life to life. There methods invariably focus on the planet Pluto and it’s relationship to the Nodal Axis. While it is composed of a set of specific formal methodologies, evolutionary astrology is ultimately characterized less by a technical approach than by a set of philosophical principles defined by natural law. Different evolutionary astrologers my us somewhat different interpretive methods, bu they can always be recognized by a devotion to the following core perceptions:

An acceptance of the fact that human beings incarnate in a succession of lifetimes.

An acceptance of the fact that the birth chart reflects the evolutionary condition of the soul at the moment on incarnation.

An acceptance of the fact that the birth chart reflects the evolutionary intentions of the soul for the present life.

An acceptance of the fact that the the circumstances of the present life, both materially and psychologically, do not arise randomly, but rather reflect the evolutionary intentions and necessities of the soul.

An acceptance of the fact that human beings interact creatively and unpredictable with their birth charts; that all astrological symbols are mult -dimensional and are modulated in material and psychic expression by the consciousness of the individual.

An acceptance of the fact that human beings are responsible for the realities they experience, both internally and externally.

A respectful intention to accept and support a person seeking astrological help, regardless of the evolutionary state in which such an individual finds himself of herself.       

From “Measuring the NIght – Evolutionary Astrology and the Keys to the Soul- Vol 2“; Jeffrey Wolf Green and Steve Forrest Copyright © 2001