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Relationship Astrology Consultation; Synastry


This consultation is a 90 minutes long and covers the themes in the relationships between two adults (refer to Children and Family Astrology Consultation section for those types of relationships). Using synastry Vernon can give feed back on how each person impacts the other through their astrology connections in their charts. The areas of ease and the areas of tension can be identified so people can be aware of them. The synastry relationship astrology consultation can be done from either the basic astrological perspective or the evolutionary astrology perspective. Either a Basic Natal Astrology Consultation or Evolutionary Astrology Consultation must have been done with Vernon by one of the people prior to the synastry relationship astrology consultation being done. Vernon must have accurate birth date, birth time and birth place information for both people before doing a synastry relationship astrology consultation. Vernon must have permission from both people (only one has to be at the consultation) for a synastry relationship astrology consultation to be done. Recommended for dating or teenage family relationships.